Second letter complaining your website's been infringed

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What’s a second letter complaining your website's been infringed and when do you need it?

This is the second communication in our suite of templates covering the alleged infringement of your website by someone else.

It assumes that you have first sent the earlier letter in this series.

This letter tracks the history and content of what you previously set out in the earlier letter. It recognises that:

  • you may not have had a reply to the first letter, or
  • that the reply rebutted your allegations, and
  • it provides you with a further opportunity to offer the ‘settlement’ wording, giving the infringer a final opportunity to sign the commitment wording that you set out in your first letter.

You should attach a copy of the first letter you sent, including any attachments to the annex of this letter.

It’s highly advisable to send the communication by both post and e-mail so that the infringing business cannot reasonably argue that they did not receive your complaint.

If the infringer does not respond positively (or at all) to this second letter, there’s one further letter in this series that you can send, ahead of considering formal legal action.