Second response letter disputing that payment is overdue

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What's a second response letter disputing that payment is overdue and when do you need it?

This response relates to a debt that is disputed. You should use this letter in response to a second communication with another business, where that business continues to accuse your business of not paying an invoice (or several invoices) on time, and you dispute this accusation.

(If this is the first time that you have received a letter alleging that you’ve not paid money that you owe, please use our first reply disputing that payment is overdue.)

Make sure that you clearly reiterate in this letter why you continue to consider that your payment is not overdue and, in particular, what you believe the complainant has failed to take into account that would evidence that you are not in their debt.

If, however, you do not dispute the accusation, but you believe it may be difficult for you to immediately pay the money owed, you may want to consider our standard letter setting out a proposal to clear a debt instead. This may help you to reach a quick resolution of the situation and avoid matter progressing to more formal legal interactions.