Second response to complaint about services you've supplied

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What's a template second response to complaint about services you've supplied, and when do you need it?

This is the second letter in our series of templates for suppliers facing claims relating to services that they have supplied.

If you have received a letter of complaint and this is the first time that you have acknowledged it, you should use our first reply to a complaint about services you’ve supplied to another business.

If the complaint relates to goods that you have supplied, you should use our second reply to a complaint about goods you’ve supplied to another business.

This template covers supply of services between two businesses. It is not appropriate for a response to a consumer who wishes to complain about services that it has bought from your business. This is because different rules govern how these complaints must be handled.

The UK’s Supply of Goods and Services Act requires that services must be provided with ‘reasonable care and skill’. This essentially means that the person providing the services must be reasonably competent when judged against the standard of other professionals or qualified experts or tradespeople. Beyond that, the law deliberately doesn’t get too specific. This is often more a question of fact than law. So, you’ll need to draw on the facts to reiterate that you did all that was reasonable and that was agreed, when you carried out the services for your customer.