Standard cover letter to Companies House for filing documents

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What's a standard cover letter to Companies House for filing documents, and when do you need it?

This letter will cover the majority of filings that a company will need to make. You'll want to use this where, for example, you're changing the company's registered address (Form AD01), issuing shares (Form SH01), appointing new statutory directors(AP01) or to change that director's details (CH01), or you're giving notice of a 'personal with significant control' (PSC) over your business (PSC01).

However, if you’re setting up a new private limited company, please see our separate, tailored cover letter template as that is the right cover letter for requesting Companies House to set up the company for you and contains the references you need to all the correct enclosures (you'll need to file a number of forms with that one, for example).

Some forms can be filed directly and online through the Companies House WebFiling service instead. You can find out which ones here (