Standard employment contract - non senior staff

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What’s a standard employment contract - non-senior staff - and when do you need one?

This employment contract is designed for staff who are typically not in senior or managerial roles.

If you are looking to appoint someone into a more senior role, we recommend that you consider our employment contract: senior staff template instead.

That template contains detailed provisions that are more relevant and appropriate to the appointment of employees in positions of greater responsibility and with potentially greater expectations of the terms on which they will be engaged.

And if you’re hiring a director, please use our director’s service contract template instead.

You can adapt this template for most junior to mid-tier employee hires.

We recommend that you refer to our guidance notes to the employment contract before starting to draft your contract, as these provide a solid overview of the legal landscape relevant to employee hires.

Extracts from those guidance notes also appear in our Doc Guide to this template. You can access them at any point by selecting the (i) icons embedded in the template.