Template letter warning employees of a potential redundancy situation

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What’s a template letter warning employees of a potential redundancy situation and when do you need it?

You should use this letter when you are facing a situation where you may have to let some employees go and you will not be replacing them. It contains important information about what will happen next and how it may affect your employees.

This is the first letter in any redundancy related communications with your employees and before you start one-to-one communications with employees who have been identified as being potentially at risk of redundancy.

Ideally, you will have spoken to all of your employees together, to tell them the news directly, before sending this letter.

Redundancy situations are never pleasant and can spark a lot of employee angst and complaints. To mitigate your employment law risk here and run your process as smoothly as possible, with minimum impact to your continuing workforce and its productivity, it’s vital that you get the timing and the detail right.