Template second redundancy consultation and confirmation letter

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What's a template second redundancy consultation and confirmation letter, and when do you need it?

You should use this after you have informed an employee by letter that they have been provisionally selected for redundancy and you have already met with them individually once already about this.

There is a general duty in an individual redundancy exercise for the employer to have meaningful consultation with the affected employees. This could just mean having one consultation meeting. Our template letters have been drafted based upon 2 (or more) meetings being held with the affected employees. This is in line with good practice.

Redundancy situations are never pleasant and can spark a lot of employee angst and complaints. To mitigate your employment law risk here and run your process as smoothly as possible, with minimum impact to your continuing work-force and its productivity, it’s vital that you get the timing and the detail right.

Please note that the set of letters produced are based upon an “individual” redundancy exercise. There are different rules for “collective” redundancy which starts with 20 or more employees being under threat of redundancy. The collective redundancy exercise is more prescriptive and has to follow a fixed timetable before redundancy notice can be issued.