Terms and conditions for sale of goods & services off premises

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What are terms and conditions for sale of goods & services to consumers (off-premises) and when might you need them?

These are standard format terms and conditions for businesses to provide to consumer customers in the context of an ‘off-premises’ sale. They explain how your business will provide your customers with the goods and/or services they have ordered, including payment terms and delivery times.

They also set out the situations where the contract may be amended or cancelled by either party and what your customers should do if there is a fault with the goods and/or services that you have provided.

These terms relate to the sale of goods and services. However, you might also sell digital content, only sell one of these, or a combination. We have terms available to cover these different combinations so please refer to them if they suit your business better.

Farillio will help you quickly and easily pinpoint the ones that you need. If you’ve already used our terms and conditions selector, it’s probably already got you here – so you should be confident you’re looking at the right template for your business activities.