Terms and conditions for supply of services from a premises to other businesses

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What are terms and conditions: selling services to another business and when do you need them?

This is a straightforward terms and conditions for the supply of services only, made between 2 businesses.

If you want terms and conditions for the sale of only goods to another business, or terms and conditions for the supply of goods as well as services to another business, you’ll need our separate templates.

If you’re looking for terms and conditions that are suitable for sale of goods and/or services to consumers, you’ll need our consumer-facing terms and conditions templates.

Our terms and conditions are drafted as your standard trading terms and conditions – they do not require either party to sign them (and therefore can help to avoid any delays whilst you wait for your customer to sign them!).

They work well in situations where you are typically supplying relatively low value, homogenous services, perhaps at irregular time-frames or in irregular quantities, but you do not need your key commercial terms to vary for each transaction, e.g. the services are pretty fixed in provision, and pricing and performance arrangements probably don’t vary/invite negotiation, and the overall trading relationship between the parties is not especially complex. The services might also expire relatively fast and not require material preparation, follow-up or carry significant liability or risk.

Some businesses choose to adopt a more substantive agreement to supplying services, which does require both parties to sign. (These tend to be for situations where substantial and (often) higher value supply terms are being agreed and the parties are negotiating these provisions on a more individually tailored basis to cover bespoke objectives and often higher risk and a more involved relationship between the parties.)