Third letter complaining about services not being supplied

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What’s a third letter complaining about services not being supplied and when do you need one?

This is the third letter in our suite of communications covering the situation where you’re the customer and services that you’ve contracted to receive have not in fact been provided to you.

This letter envisages that despite making time of the essence in your previous communication, the supplier has still not performed the contracted services and you now wish to cancel the contract altogether.

But you are not obliged to do so – you can still choose to wait for the services and then claim compensation for any losses caused to you by this delay if this is a trading relationship that remains important to you.

If you want to wait and prefer to claim compensation for late performance instead, once those services are finally provided, you can switch to our separate suite of template letters complaining that services have been supplied too late instead.

Although you have a right to claim compensation as soon as you can demonstrate that the contract has been breached, just sending the second letter did not give you an automatic right to terminate the contract.

Sending this third letter, after allowing a reasonable period for the supplier to respond and remedy the situation, now activates your legal right to terminate the contract as well and records your termination of the contract in writing. It also asserts your legal right to claim any losses you may have suffered as a result of the services never being performed, including any money you’ve already paid.