Trade mark licence

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What's a trade mark licence, and when do you need it?

This template is designed for trade mark licences relating to the supply of products or services in the UK. Use it to licence your trade mark(s) to someone else in a way that enables you to control the way they use them and without risk to your rights of ownership.

You’ll need to think about what permissions you want to grant within this licence. For example: are you going to make the permission to use your trademarks exclusive? Where are you giving permission for the trademarks to be used and on what products, materials or in relation to what activities? Do you want to set territorial boundaries or other restrictions, such as not using the trademarks for particular applications or with particular customer groups?

What will your licensee pay you and how will they do so? Are you going to allow your licensee to sub-licence? Will you want them to help you to handle any trade mark infringements that they spot before you do?

Our template will guide you through all the considerations and help you to draft something clear.