Website terms and conditions for sale of goods, services & digital content to consumers

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What are website terms and conditions: sales of goods, services and digital content to consumers, and when do you need them?

These are standard terms and conditions for businesses to provide to consumers (‘B2C terms and conditions’) where sales are being made online and at a distance.

You supply goods, services and digital content to consumers via ‘distance selling’ if you agree to sell something and complete the sale of it, entirely remotely, whether by telephone, catalogue or internet.

To fall within the definition of ‘distance-selling’, there must be an ‘organised scheme’ of sales by this remote method (which includes selling on a website). So, if you have a physical shop and usually sell to customers directly in your shop, but as a one-off, extraordinary event, you happen to sell something over the phone, you’re unlikely to fall within the distance-selling classification.

What else might you need?

These terms and conditions have been drafted for businesses which sell online. If you ‘distance sell’ but not via a website, (for example, you’re selling by mail-order catalogue or telephone), different terms and conditions will be appropriate. They’re called Distance Selling Terms (Non-Website) Terms and Conditions for Sale of Goods, Services and Digital Content to Consumers.

And if you are not selling consumers goods, services or digital content at a distance, you’ll need tailored terms and conditions that cover either ‘on-premises’ or’ off-premises’ sales.

An ‘on premises’ sale is anything which does not fall within the definitions of ‘off-premises’ sale or ‘distance’ sale. This typically means that if you sell to a customer in your shop, then the sale will be ‘on-premises’. If you sell this way, then you’ll need our template terms and conditions for goods, services and digital content to consumers on-premises.

Several different sales approaches fall into the category of ‘off-premises’ sales to consumers. To find out more about these, take a look at the guidance notes to our template terms and conditions for goods, services and digital content to consumers off-premises.

Finally, if your target customer is not a consumer, but other businesses, you’ll need our suite of website terms and conditions covering sales to businesses (‘B2B terms and conditions’). They’re called Website Terms and Conditions for Sale of Goods and Services to Businesses(/templates/website-terms-and-conditions-for-sale-of-goods-and-services-to-other-businesses/preview).

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