Website terms and conditions for sale of goods, services & digital content to consumers

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What are website terms and conditions: sales of goods, services and digital content to consumers, and when do you need them?

These are standard terms and conditions for businesses to provide to consumers (‘B2C terms and conditions’) where sales are being made online and at a distance.

You supply goods, services and digital content to consumers via ‘distance selling’ if you agree to sell something and complete the sale of it, entirely remotely, whether by telephone, catalogue or internet.

To fall within the definition of ‘distance-selling’, there must be an ‘organised scheme’ of sales by this remote method (which includes selling on a website). So, if you have a physical shop and usually sell to customers directly in your shop, but as a one-off, extraordinary event, you happen to sell something over the phone, you’re unlikely to fall within the distance-selling classification.