Website Terms of Use

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What are website terms of use and when might you need them?

These are standard terms and conditions for businesses to provide on their website. They cover matters such as how visitors access your website and what they are allowed to do once they’re there. They also allow you to limit your own liability, say for comments or content left on your by visitors to it.

By using (and continuing to use) your website, visitors are agreeing to comply with these terms. If they do not agree with these terms, then they must stop using your site immediately.

You should include a link to these your website terms of use on every page of your website. Usually, the link is found at the bottom of each page.

These terms have been drafted generally for websites, but you should consider the nature of your website and the purposes it is serving. There may be other terms which should be included in these terms depending on the nature of your website and your business.