Will for a married or partnered person (England and Wales)

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What’s a will for someone married or with a life partner and when do you need it?

This is a simple template will for someone who has a life partner/spouse, and who is domiciled in England and Wales.

It needn’t be the first will that you’ve ever created since the wording of this will very deliberately states that it supersedes and extinguishes any previous will that you may have put in place.

If you’re living elsewhere, you should take advice on this template as there may be legal and/or tax nuances that may affect how your wishes will be carried out (and if they could be subject to any challenge).

However, if you hold assets elsewhere in the UK or further abroad, you should consider whether you want to keep them outside the scope of this will. In some cases, you may have no choice but to keep them outside the scope of this will.

For example, in some foreign countries, if you buy property there, you must also execute a foreign will related to that property.

It’s a good idea to get advice if you’re in this position, so you can be confident that both wills work coherently together and are legally enforceable.